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Our mission is to enhance the human-canine bond through benevolent training and leadership, and through public education.

You love your dog but his/her behavior, or lack thereof, is driving you crazy. You can’t take your dog with you when you leave the house and you need to put him/her in a different room or crate when guests come over. You love your dog but his/her behavior has caused you to feel isolated with no social life.

We have been helping families train their dogs for almost 7 years. We specialize in training family dogs to be well-adapted and well-mannered companions. We have had children as young as 5 years old participate in training their dog. Children participating in training build confidence and learn responsibility. They are very excited to see their dog respond to their cues.

Training programs include puppy basics, basic manners, and behavior modification for undesirable behaviors such as fear, anxiety, and aggression. We offer individualized training at your home and group classes. We also offer consultations on nutrition and advice on adopting the right breed for your lifestyle and family. We work with dogs of all breeds and ages. If you have trained with us, we are committed to supporting you and your dog for as long as you have your dog; there is no extra charge for phone or email consultations.

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